Other VOI Efforts

Courage Garden

This garden is dedicated to innocent victims of crime past, present and future. To the wonder of the human spirit, to the courage of those who reclaim their lives and move beyond victimization, and to hope for a safer future.

The Courage Garden is supported by donations collected by participants of the annual Courage Walk and maintained by Jefferson County Extension Services Master Gardeners. The garden is located immediately southwest of the Jefferson County Courts and Administration building.

For more information about the Courage Garden, including directions and maps of the collection of gardens, click on the link below to be redirected to the website CourageGardenPlants.com. VOI oversees the maintenance of this garden, if you wish to recognize someone with a memorial planting, please contact VOI at (303)202-2196.

The Sid Fund

Sid is the beloved pet of a survivor of domestic violence who also sustained multiple injuries at the hands of a batterer. Thanks to the generosity of our community, Sid is also a survivor because he received vital medical care following the assault: donations covered veterinary care totaling nearly $2,000 which was critical for Sid's recovery. With remaining donations, the Sid Fund was established in 2008 and, thanks to ongoing donations, helps to cover costs related to care for pets injured during a crime.

To donate to the Sid Fund, click on the Donate Now button at the bottom of any page and note "The Sid Fund" under special instructions, or mail a check directly to VOI.

Officer Hugs

All eight police departments that VOI serves proudly participate in the "Officer Hugs" Program.

A donation of $20 allows us to purchase two stuffed bears. One bear wears an "Officer Hugs" t-shirt and is yours to keep. The second bear, whose mission is to provide comfort, wears a t-shirt that reads "I got hugs from the police department" and will ride along with an officer until it is put into the arms of a traumatized person.

Our "Officer Hugs" program takes community participation to be successful; you will see VOI and our bears at various law enforcement events, memorial programs and fund-raising events or you can also contact us directly if you would like to make a contribution. 100% of all donations is used to support this program.

Community Education

VOI appreciates the role of community in our work, therefore we offer opportunities to educate diverse civic and social groups about preventing victimization and supporting victims.

We can provide community groups with speakers or training as requested. The goal is to educate the general community about barriers to crime reporting, information about the criminal justice response and inform the community about available resources, including police-based victim services.

Also, VOI is available to provide education to middle and high school students on a variety of topics to include healthy relationships, how to recognize perpetrator behavior and how to access resources.


In 1999, several agency representatives began initial discussions to form a community crisis response team in order to address the emotional needs of victims during large-scale community disasters. These discussions grew out of a commitment to form a team inspired by training provided by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). Following the experience of responding to victims of the mass tragedy at Columbine High School in April 1999, a great deal was learned about what this effort should look like in our community. The need for a coordinated response of trained first responders became apparent. Agency representatives collaborated on this project to form the Jefferson/Gilpin Counties Community Crisis Response Team (JGCCCRT).

The primary role of the Jefferson and Gilpin Counties Community Crisis Response Team (JGCCCRT) is to provide immediate support and response to mass community disasters or traumatic events in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. These include, but are not limited to, mass incidents, school-related events, fires, and evacuations. In order to provide the most trauma-informed response possible, the team is composed of law enforcement based victim advocates, District Attorney Victim/Witness Specialists, mental health providers, American Red Cross volunteers, school personnel, clergy, and community members who are trained in crisis response.


To promote an interagency, timely and coordinated response to assist victims of community disaster in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.


  • To provide comprehensive, effective, and timely services to multiple victims of crime or other traumatic events when local resources are overwhelmed.
  • To increase cooperation and coordination among responding agencies and community businesses.
  • To maximize available resources and reduce duplication of efforts.
  • To prevent or reduce the experience of vicarious trauma in service providers.


JGCCCRT believes victims of a community disaster are best served by an integrated approach provided by professionals who are skilled in crisis intervention and risk assessment. First responders should have a basic understanding of emergency management, incident command, and a familiarity with community resources. In the event of a crime related tragedy, responders should be familiar with the criminal justice process.

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