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Advocates at Victim Outreach Inc. (VOI), both staff and volunteers, ensure victims of crime and trauma receive needed support, information and referrals to help them recover and heal.

When asked, “How can you do this work? It must be so hard!’, our response is this – “We cannot do anything about what’s already happened, but we can do something about what happens next!.”

With the help of police, grants and private funding, VOI has helped nearly 5,000 people this year alone, in the eight Jefferson County communities we serve.

Your donation, this Giving Tuesday, will Help us Make A Difference in the lives of people who need and deserve a helping hand.

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What does your donation support?
  • Fund the training, supervision and support of our incredible team of volunteers who logged 17,000+ hours last year and responded to 35% of our calls, including “middle of the night” responses.
  • Pay for professional advocates who serve as every victim’s bridge to the resources and information that helps them understand their rights, navigate the criminal justice process, feel safer and stronger and get the restitution they need to move on with their lives.
  • Update critical IT support systems used by staff and volunteers to assist victims and identify resources. Tracking who we serve and what we do is essential for reporting to funders, and none of this happens without updated, cutting edge technological systems.
We raised just under $24,000
and had lots of fun!
For over 20 years, Jefferson Center has been the facilitating agency of the Suicide Prevention Coalition, a community collaboration of stakeholders from Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin Counties, Colorado, addressing suicide prevention issues in their communities. One of the goals of Jefferson Center’s suicide prevention program is to recruit “gatekeepers” in the community to participate in suicide prevention training classes.

Chief Dan Brennan & Others for VOI

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Services for Primary and Secondary Victims

Victim Outreach Incorporated offers comprehensive support services to victims of crime and/or trauma. Primary clients include those who have been impacted by criminal acts or non-crime related traumatic events such as suicide, SIDS death, fatal car accident or natural disaster.

Services are also provided to secondary victims - family members or witnesses who were seriously impacted by the trauma.

Crisis & Trauma

A crisis reaction is a normal reaction to an abnormal event. The sort of events that can cause serious distress can include involvement in/or witnessing:

  • Personal trauma, such as abuse, sexual assault, robbery or burglary
  • Suicide, severe injury, sudden death (by accident, homicide or natural causes) of family or friends
  • Events that happen to the person’s community, such as fire, flood, terrorism

Service Area

Jeffco map image

Our service area includes:

  • Arvada
  • Golden
  • Edgewater
  • Lakeside
  • Mountain View
  • Morrison
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • And victims with no local advocate who are referred to VOI

If you were a victim of a crime in VOI's service area and need assistance:

  • Contact VOI at 303-202-2196
  • If you were victimized elsewhere, contact the law enforcement agency in the city where the crime occurred and ask to speak with someone in their victim services unit
  • You may find a list of local agencies and issue specific resources here.
  • If you live in our service area but were a victim of a crime in another state or city, and need local support or resources, contact VOI for assistance.

Training & Collaboration with Agencies and Groups

In addition to direct service delivery VOI also engages in extensive training, networking and collaboration with other service providers, first responders and law enforcement agencies to further strengthen a coordinated and effective response to victims. Read more. . .

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