How can I support VOI?

VOI provides direct services to our community every day! Volunteers are essential to the success of VOI! Your charitable donations will directly support Victim Outreach Inc.

Do you offer services in other languages?

VOI has Spanish speaking advocates on staff and has access to a language line for those who do not speak English.

Do I have rights as a Crime Victim?

You may be entitled to victim rights. An advocate will be able to assist in determining if this is applicable. More information can be found here: Colorado Crime Victim Rights Act for more information.

Do you offer assistance for medical bills?

Crime Victim Compensation is an application process that may be able to assist with medical, lost wages, funeral expenses and other assistance. An advocate will be able to assist in determining resources available to you.

How do I find out the status of my case?

An advocate can assist you or you may call the court directly.  Please check with your advocate to determine what court is hearing your case if you are not already aware.

How do I find out if an offender is in custody?

You can find offender status at:
VINE: VINE is a free, secure, and confidential way to access custody status and criminal case information. Register for notifications and stay informed.
Jefferson County:  https://inmatelookup.jeffco.us/inmate
Adams County:  http://search.adamscountysheriff.org/inmatesearch.php

Are advocates available after hours?

VOI has advocates available 24/7. Please call the office at 303-202-2196. If your call is not answered, listen to the voicemail to learn how to contact an advocate.

Does VOI charge for the services it provides?

There is no charge for any of the advocacy services that we provide.

Does VOI provide housing, rent or utility assistance?

We assist victims of crime in finding shelter, but we do not provide housing services to the general public. We suggest calling 2-1-1 or using the Colorado 2-1-1 website for referrals for general assistance with homeless shelters, rental assistance and other housing issues.

May I contact VOI if nothing has happened to me but I fear for my safety?

Yes. If you are in imminent danger call 9-1-1. If you have general safety concerns please contact VOI about support services, information and referrals.

Does VOI accept donations of clothing or toys?

We do not, as we don't have the resources to collect, store or distribute those items.

Is VOI available to speak to my group?

Absolutely! We are available to speak to community groups, campus groups, criminal justice classes, law enforcement training and more. Please contact us to discuss your interests.

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