About Victim Outreach Incorporated

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VOI Mission Statement

The mission of Victim Outreach Incorporated is to promote the healing of people impacted by crime and trauma. Our hope is that people impacted by crime and trauma lead healthy, productive and inspired lives. Victim Outreach, Inc. (VOI) formed in May of 1986 as a 501(c)3 non-profit agency to assist victims of crime who report to police in small communities in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Executive Director Statement

Crime victims suffer psychological trauma and a myriad of other hardships as a result of criminal behavior. They experience disruption of their lives and often of their livelihood. Many report confusion about the criminal justice system. Left vulnerable and sometimes unable to cope with the subsequent demands of a criminal investigation and the practical problems that unfold, they often require assistance with basic needs such as housing, transportation, or food. VOI Victim Advocates play a vital role in helping victims think through issues and basic next steps, like developing safety plans, and identifying where they might stay or who to call for help.

In addition to the direct services we provide, our interagency work contributes to the development of stronger and more effective policies and protocols for intervention with victims and their families. It also serves to strengthen relationships, thereby creating a community where cooperation is a priority and that is, consequently, more effective at responding to the needs of those who have been harmed. It also creates an environment where agencies can join together to solve problems in new and creative ways.

We are proud of the work we do and constantly strive to learn and grow.

Vista Exline, Executive Director

This mission is accomplished by providing crisis intervention, information about victims' rights, support in navigating the criminal justice system and referrals to help clients deal with the resulting trauma and life changes they experience as a result of their victimization.

Agencies we serve

Our service area includes :

  • Arvada
  • Golden
  • Edgewater
  • Lakeside
  • Mountain View
  • Morrison
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Colorado School of Mines

The reported population of Jefferson County for 2013 is 551,798 and was steadily escalating in 2014.

The Colorado School of Mines population of 6,000 remains fairly stable due to entrance requirements.

VOI also assists victims of crimes who are in need of support and resources but have no local advocate (i.e. the crime occurred in another state) .

Numbers - Statistics & Financials

The reported population of Jefferson County for 2016:

Population estimates, July 1, 2016, 571,837 (United States Census)

The Colorado School of Mines population 2016:

5,876: Degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students

2016 Service Statistics

Immediate Responses

At the request of police, VOI advocates responded to the scene of the crime, hospital or police department 629 times in 2016.

Service Area

VOI provides services to citizens who report to police in the cities of Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Edgewater, Lakeside, Mountain View and Morrison, as well as to the Colorado School of Mines. We also provide services to crime victims in Jefferson County who were hurt elsewhere and have no local advocate. In 2016, VOI provided a total of 57,328 units of service to 4,139 victims of crime and other traumatic events

2016 Units of Service By Department

  • Arvada: 28,293
  • Wheat Ridge: 19,879
  • Golden: 6,034
  • Edgewater: 2,594
  • Mountain View: 233
  • Lakeside: 142
  • CO School of Mines: 88
  • Morrison: 65

2016 Victims Served Per Department

  • Arvada: 2,284
  • Wheat Ridge: 1,220
  • Golden: 377
  • Edgewater: 211
  • Mountain View: 10
  • Lakeside: 4
  • CO School of Mines: 14
  • Morrison: 8

*Units of service are things like Crisis Counseling, Criminal Justice Support, Advocacy or responding to the scene of a crime to provide information and referrals. Each unit of service is only counted one time per victim, regardless of the number of times that service is provided.

Financials Summary - Past Years

Fiscal Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Revenues $846,145 $873,365 $835,710 $948,833 $969,623 $959,546
Total Expenses $784,509 $833,571 $829,497 $829,497 $901,187 $959,546

Revenue by source

Fiscal Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Contribution & Grants $544,962 $534,795 $495,898 $569,105 $601,339 $587,152
Volunteer Services $267,102 $292,212 $270,230 $323,109 $305,442 $307,917
In-kind Donations $22,074 $37,620 $47,120 $36,753 $36,766 $32,811
Fund Raising events, net of expenses $10,548 $7,080 $20,790 $19,428
Interest Income $1,536 $1,658 $1,672 $1,987 $1,078 $1,382

Expense by type

Fiscal Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Programs and Services $716,277 $662,175 $721,662 $795,600 $810,309 $865,523
General and Administration $68,2328 $70,523 $107,835 $118,892 $105,622 $94,023


VOI receives funding from the cities that we contract with to provide victim services and from VOCA, VALE and Stop VAWA. These are local, state or federal dollars generated from fines paid by convicted criminals.

The private sector contributes through our annual fundraiser and through individual gifts. Private business and foundations also support VOI's work. All board members make financial and other contributions to Victim Outreach Incorporated.

In-kind donations totaling $47,120 from volunteers, police and the community significantly subsidized the costs of running this organization in 2014. Office space is donated, we have worksites in each of our police departments and volunteers enable us to provide comprehensive services 24/7.

We are grateful for the generosity of foundations, business and individual donors who choose to support
the Mission of Victim Outreach Incorporated.

  • AlphaGraphics
  • Anschutz Foundation
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Arvada Police Department
  • Colorado School Of Mines Department of Public Safety
  • Andrea Bell
  • Colorado Gives Day Donors
  • Community First Foundation
  • Dana Easter
  • Denver West Office Park
  • Edgewater Police Department
  • Claudette & Earl Elder
  • Libby Espeseth
  • Fiore & Sons
  • John & Jean Garavaglia
  • Golden Police Department
  • Jay Hardesty
  • Bob Hoerr
  • Gregg Kildow
  • Lakeside Police Department
  • Kent Landmark
  • Douglas Mendelson
  • Marusi Family Foundation
  • Josephine McCormack
  • Mountain View Police Department
  • Flo & Roy Olson
  • David Pickett
  • Pamela Russell
  • Terence Stevinson
  • Bette Tunnell
  • VALE
  • VOCA
  • VOI Board of Directors
  • The SID’s Fund
  • Wheat Ridge Police Department
  • Peter Wolf
  • Mike Zimmerman
And to all those participating in The Courage Walk, Sponsors of VOI’s Annual “Making a Difference Soiree” and donors to live and silent auctions

2017 - Volunteers

Without the devotion of these amazing people we would not be able to provide the comprehensive services to victims for which we are known. In 2014 these individuals donated 17,951 hours (equivalent to 8.6 FTE!) to VOI. Thank you!
  • Karen
  • Kim
  • Robin
  • Bud
  • Katie
  • Katie
  • Randy
  • Deb
  • R.A.
  • Emily
  • Teresa
  • Lorrie
  • Judy
  • Betty
  • Margy
  • Kelly
  • Katie
  • Gretchen
  • Barb
  • Chris

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the support we received in 2014. Without it we would be unable to accomplish our Mission to support victims of crime and trauma from the time of crisis and throughout the criminal justice process.


2016 Statistical Report

In 2016, VOI provided a total of 57,328 units of service to 4,128 victims of crime and other traumatic events

VOI advocates helped 1009 adults who were hurt during domestic violence related crimes reported in VOI's service area – 25% of our caseload.


VOI’s board meets monthly to set the agency direction and provide oversight and guidance. Member serve two years as a board officer, and following a review process are able to serve longer. A contract bookkeeper completes all quarterly and year-end financial reports. The Board Treasurer reconciles statements and reports on finances. An audit is conducted annually. 100% of VOI board members contribute financially each year. Board members spearhead fundraising efforts; speak in the community; provide training and expertise to partner agencies; assisting with agency events; and solicit donations. Board members with legal experience review partner contracts.

2017 Governing Board of Directors

Thank you to VOI’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board for the gifts of their time and wise counsel. We also appreciate the Board’s efforts to ensure VOI has resources to meet its mission and that money raised is effectively and efficiently used.


  • Scott Storey: President
  • Kathy Kinnard: Secretary
  • Michael DeLeon: Treasurer


  • Andra Bell
  • Dana Easter
  • Gail Finley
  • Charles Gould
  • Jay Hardesty
  • Jessica Reese
  • Tristen Vieaux
  • Mike Zimmerman

Advisory Board Members

  • Sue Axtell
  • Ron Beckham
  • Frankie Cole
  • Lis Coors
  • Claudette & Earl Elder
  • Gregg Kildow
  • Jean McAllister
  • Stan Miller
  • Dr. John Nicoletti
  • Flo Olson
  • Pam Russell
  • Ashlee Schoneman
  • Clarene Shelley
  • Molly St. Denis
  • Joan Taylor
  • Dave Thomas
  • Sandra Tucker
  • Tristen Vieaux
VOI Officers on the Board of Directors serve two-year terms. Elections are held during our annual meeting. An advisory board provides additional support to Victim Outreach. Six and one half paid-positions include the executive director, domestic violence court advocate, case manager, volunteer coordinator, two advocates and a part-time administrative assistant. We operate with a well-trained volunteer staff of twenty who help us provide 24 hour a day, seven days a week response to victims of crime and other trauma

2017 - Staff

Finally, thank you to VOI’s extraordinary staff for their devotion to this work, day after day doing their best for the people they encounter, advocating for their rights, and for their belief in the ability of people to survive and thrive!
  • Vista Exline, Executive Director
  • Jennifer Griffin, Directory of Victim Services
  • Kris Charland, Supervisor
  • Meghan, Victim Advocate
  • Nicole, Victim Advocate
  • Tina, Victim Advocate
  • Stacey, Victim Advocate


  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Advisory Board
  • Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (COVA)
  • Jefferson County Child Protection Team (CPT)
  • Jefferson County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC)
  • Jefferson/Gilpin Counties Community Crisis Response Team (JGCCRT) Steering Committee
  • Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance

The History of Victim Outreach Incorporated

In the late 1970’s, amid public outrage at the poor treatment of survivors of crime, President Ronald Reagan created a task force to study the plight of victims. In response to the findings and recommendations of the President’s Task Force changes were made in the criminal justice system, including the creation of victim support services in police agencies across the country. In 1986 after an assessment of existing services in Colorado’s First Judicial District Victim Outreach Information,Inc. (VOI) was created, providing much-needed victim support services to Jefferson County's smaller towns lacking resources to develop their own programs. For the past several years our service area included the cities of Wheat Ridge, Golden, Mountain View, Lakeside and Edgewater, Colorado (population 56,086)) and the Colorado School of Mines (population 6,000). Victims with no local advocate are also referred to VOI for services. As of September 1, 2008 we added the city of Arvada (population 106,000). In 2011 VOI's Board of Directors voted to change the name to Victim Outreach Incorporated.

Over the years the agency and its staff have received much recognition for their work.

- In 1994 VOI received a Justice Award from the Foundation for Improvement of Justice.

- VOI received a Special Recognition Award from the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) for their work with the community affected by the Columbine High School shooting.

- After Columbine VOI spearheaded efforts to strengthen interagency communication and response by developing the Jefferson County Community Crisis Response Team (JCCCRT), the first in the state. <> created a model for development of shared protocols and training of multidisciplinary crisis response teams. VOI continues to provide leadership and training to the JCCCRT. This team has responded to numerous events including school shootings, the Aurora Theater homicides, wildfires, floods and to help victims of Hurricane Katrina that were flown to Denver.

- VOI played a key role in creating interagency emergency response protocols, including Jefferson County’s Domestic Violence Policy, the Child Abuse Investigation Procedure and Policy Manual, the Sexual Assault Investigation Policy and Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County’s Fast Track Programs providing immediate intervention in domestic violence cases.

- In 2002 and 2008 VOI staff members received COVA’s Deanna Grizwald Award for Outstanding Victim Advocate in the Non-Profit Sector. VOI's staff have received commendations from the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Wheat Ridge Police Department and Edgewater Police Departments.

- In 2011 VOI was presented with the Liberty Bell Award by the First Judicial District Bar Association. This award is given to a non-lawyer who has furthered the interaction of the community and the legal system and provided an uncommon contribution to the system or government as a whole.

The need for victim support services continues to grow. Police agencies have a better understanding of victims’ rights and embrace the valuable assistance provided by victim advocates. VOI helps more victims each year and fills the increasing need for disaster preparedness in response to terrorism, mass violence, fires, tornadoes and other disasters.